Coregulated Parenting

Parenting Workshops and Coaching

for Mom and Dad

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Workshops and ​1:1 coaching for ​both​ mom and dad

designed by a mom and dad.

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Why Our Workshop?

  • Child Development Led Parenting, with ​focus on brain development, self and co ​regulation, logical boundaries and ​consequences and co parenting with ​your spouse (as well as navigating ​relationships with in laws, etc).
  • Reducing the weight of the “default” or ​primary parent by making you and your ​partner a team.
  • A deeper understanding of where y​our children are coming f​rom
  • Help reframing behavio​rs
  • Understand the root of issue​s
  • Tools for both self- and co-regulati​on
  • A look at natural/logical consequences​ vs traditional punitive princip​les
  • Personalized to each gr​o​up

Wh​at You Get:

  • Personalized support
  • 1:1 time for each parent with Rachel ​and/or Tim
  • Yes Space set up assistance
  • Daily routine tweaking
  • Customized responses and feedback for ​those big loud moments and ones where ​you just need to get out the door
  • Evidence based child development led ​advice on boundaries, co regulation, self ​regulation and working with your spouse ​/partner.
  • Tools for every day moments with your ​child and partner
  • A How To On Natural and Logical ​Conseque​n​ces

Multipointed Star

1:​1 Coaching




Mom, Parent Educator

Postpartum & Sibling Doula

Lactation Consultant

Early Childhood Educator

Dad, Parent Educator

Early Childhood Educator

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customer reviews

This course was so beneficial to me and my relationship with my kids. It opened my ​eyes in new ways and reinforced the important idea that our children, and how we raise ​them, are our most important work. Rachel and Tim are both knowledgeable in ​childhood development and I loved that they used scientific reasoning to explain why ​our children might react in certain situations. My favorite part of the course was getting ​personalized parenting advice as well as specific things I can say to deescalate a ​situation and to make transitions with my toddler go smoothly. I would highly ​recommend this course; it’s changed the way I view my kids and made me a more ​intentional parent.

Annie Anderson

I thought I knew what kind of parent I wanted to be before the workshop, but was so ​inconsistent in the ways I tried to implement it. Coregulated Parenting was like a wake ​up call to take a step back, remove my ego from the situation, and make little changes ​that make big impacts. Rachel and Tim are so great at modeling and talking through ​parenting scenarios, I felt more regulated myself after each session when I normally roll ​my eyes at parenting advice or end up guilting myself for imperfect parenting.

Ashley peters

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